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On most of the signup pages for newsletter or membership, you would see a check box for you to decide if you want to receive future email information about the company or products. Some of them are default to yes and users have to click “no” to opt out of receiving emails. You cost me my time and risk annoying me.

Opt out = junk mail / spam

Another example, when you sign up for netvigator broadband, the sales person will convince you to take some free trial services for 2 months, i didn’t want it but he insisted so i said ok do whatever you want. Then 2 months later, they started charging me for the extra services that i didn’t want and didn’t use, they said i had to contact them to cancel the service. I complained and they waived the charges, the decision was made in an instance, they probably get the same complaints a lot.

Why do they keep pissing off their new customers like that? Instead, why don’t you offer the 2 months free trail and then have the same sales person to follow up after 2 months and ask if i want to continue the services and start paying for them?