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上一代嘅成功方程式,就係大量生產(mass production),然後買大量電視廣告(mass media),將呢啲大眾產品(mass product)推銷俾大部份嘅普羅大眾(mass market),可惜,呢條完美方程式嘅效率已經今非昔比,點解?首先,Target Mass Market嘅產品多咗數百倍,而為咗推廣呢啲Mass Product嘅廣告亦自然地比以前多咗、密咗、煩咗,仲可以話係無處不在(連廁所尿兜裹面都時常見到!),久而久之,適應力特強嘅香港人對呢啲Mass Media Promotion嘅免疫力亦都比以前強咗百倍;換言之,我地本能地對呢啲「干擾」性嘅廣告視而不見、聽而不聞。


We put up with TV commerical ads because we had no choice. But now i watch video clips on Youtube. I flipped through the print ads on magazines and newspaper in order for me to get to the articles i wanted to read. But now i read the content online or subscribe to the RSS feeds. We now have alternative ways to gain access to information and entertainment without seeing the ads.

We now see more ads than ever, there’s so much advertising everywhere we go and look that our brains have learnt to filter out these ads automatically, we are now able to ignore them without trying to.

More mass products are being introduced to the mass market, more mass media ads are being produced and more new interruption based media channels are emerging. But the more they spend, the less it works. The less it works, the more they spend.

So my answer to this subject is no. But the smart marketers recognize that the traditional approach of mass media advertising is much less effective in this digital age and they now focus their resources on permission based marketing approaches that offer much higher return on investment.