viral marketing

廣告界一向被標籤為過度浪費、兼製造污染嘅行業,其實只要動吓腦筋,我哋都可以為環保出一分力,就好似adidas嘅「LOGROW」為例 (,以植物及石頭拼成嘅Logo,環保得來又有特色。TOYOTA Prius發佈會派對仲利害,將植物種籽藏喺邀請咭裏面,經淋水及陽光後,咭上面會生長出植物,與廣告口號「Good Ides Grow Literally」配合得天衣無縫(;另有荷蘭廣告公司研發出一套字體,能夠減少20%印刷時嘅墨水用量,並放喺網上任人下載,有興趣可以於google搜尋「Ecofont」就會搵到。(


上一代嘅成功方程式,就係大量生產(mass production),然後買大量電視廣告(mass media),將呢啲大眾產品(mass product)推銷俾大部份嘅普羅大眾(mass market),可惜,呢條完美方程式嘅效率已經今非昔比,點解?首先,Target Mass Market嘅產品多咗數百倍,而為咗推廣呢啲Mass Product嘅廣告亦自然地比以前多咗、密咗、煩咗,仲可以話係無處不在(連廁所尿兜裹面都時常見到!),久而久之,適應力特強嘅香港人對呢啲Mass Media Promotion嘅免疫力亦都比以前強咗百倍;換言之,我地本能地對呢啲「干擾」性嘅廣告視而不見、聽而不聞。

Just remember this rather inspiring conversation with a cab driver on my way to the airport about the year of the ox.

He thinks it should be called the year of the cow as it sounds more gentle. And I think it should be named the year of the bull, he thinks it sounds too threathening and reminds people of the economic crisis.

But the term “crisis” in Chinese is a combination of the characters of “danger” and “opportunity”, sounds rather exciting to me.

Everyone in the 4As advertising industry is panicking, but now that clients have less money to spend on TVC, outdoor and print ads, they turn to us for digital, viral and word of mouth campaigns that deliver measurable results.

Businesses also realize that only their loyal customers and fans are still spending on them, we help them formulate permission based marketing strategies and build, feed and nuture their tribes, allowing them to find and build products for their customers instead of finding customers for their products.

Would you rather be someone who knows a little bit about everything or someone who knows everything about something?

Do you get the feeling that all the ideas you could come up with have been thought of or done by someone else already? That shouldn’t stop you from doing it yourself if you think you can reinvent and be the best in it.

For those lucky ones who are passionate about a niche, stay focus and become the best in your world. People only talk about the edges. And the best, the fastest, the highest, the biggest, etc get rewarded.

Marketers did not invent word-of-mouth, its human nature to tell stories and share experiences (good and bad) with others. Word-of-mouth marketing leverages this very natural behaviour to tell authentic stories about brands and products. Then the consumers tell a few friends about the stories and if their friends go and try out the product or service and they also like it, then they’ll spread the words and recommend to other friends. The long lineup for egg tarts outside of Tai Cheong Bakery is word-of-mouth. Nevertheless, the buzz for most word-of-mouth campaigns eventually fades (except for Google).

Viral marketing spreads quicker, the compounding function is sometimes built into the product (eg. hotmail). The more people use it, the more people see it and then even more people use it, again and again with geometrically increasing power, doubling with each iteration.

Viral campaigns may take the form of videos, musicimages, games, ebooks, mobile app, branded utility, branded content, etc. (Please click on the links to view samples for each category, i’ll be sharing more interesting demos on this blog so check back often!)

Viral marketing is only as good as the idea or concept it promotes and I have seen lots of entertaining ads that went viral but didn’t market the brands or products in a meaningful, tangible way.