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廣告界一向被標籤為過度浪費、兼製造污染嘅行業,其實只要動吓腦筋,我哋都可以為環保出一分力,就好似adidas嘅「LOGROW」為例 (,以植物及石頭拼成嘅Logo,環保得來又有特色。TOYOTA Prius發佈會派對仲利害,將植物種籽藏喺邀請咭裏面,經淋水及陽光後,咭上面會生長出植物,與廣告口號「Good Ides Grow Literally」配合得天衣無縫(;另有荷蘭廣告公司研發出一套字體,能夠減少20%印刷時嘅墨水用量,並放喺網上任人下載,有興趣可以於google搜尋「Ecofont」就會搵到。(


Brands hire 4As digital agencies to produce marketing materials that are visually beautiful, professional, corporate and flawless. Brand managers review them and say they are perfect and approved and then they get published.

When consumers see these perfect sites and banner ads,  they acknowledge these materials are pretty but they are also common, typical, ordinary, conventional and routine. This creative and execution standard has become expected and average, they are not impressed and they probably won’t tell anyone.

Besides aiming for perfect and flawless, try aiming for remarkable, too.

Being remarkable is being extraordinary, unusual, surprising, amazing and spectacular. Most importantly, it is something worth talking about.

This article on The Guardian tells you how to be remarkable.

By the way, remarkable becomes unremarkable over time, you need to reinvest and reinvent all the time.

I have been following Seth‘s blog for a few months and been planning to start my blog for quite some time, decided to do it today as Seth’s blog just reached its 3000th post and he invited us to celebrate this milestone with him by starting our own blog.

Seth’s blog is currently ranked by Technorati as the #1 blog in the world written by a single individual.

Taking this opportunity to thank him for sharing his wisdom and personally replying to every single one of my emails promptly.