A Singapore prime minister once said “we must get away from the idea that it is only the people at the top who should be thinking, and the job of everyone else is to do as told. Instead we need to bring about a spirit of innovation, of learning by doing, of everyone each at his (her) own level all the time asking how he (she) can do his (her) job better”.

What he said could be summed up by “Kaizen” in Japanese, which means “continuous improvement”.

In today’s fast changing digital marketing field where the core competencies required for success are ever evolving, embedding the concept of Kaizen in the corporate culture of digital agency workplace is simply business critical.

A business process reengineering exercise performed by a few key senior executives is not Kaizen.

Kaizen strategy calls for “NEVER-ENDING efforts for improvement involving EVERYONE”.

It is a daily process. It is a long-term cultural change.

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  1. ET said:

    “like”. expecting to read more on how to “involve EVERYONE”.

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