Generalist vs Specialist

Would you rather be someone who knows a little bit about everything or someone who knows everything about something?

Do you get the feeling that all the ideas you could come up with have been thought of or done by someone else already? That shouldn’t stop you from doing it yourself if you think you can reinvent and be the best in it.

For those lucky ones who are passionate about a niche, stay focus and become the best in your world. People only talk about the edges. And the best, the fastest, the highest, the biggest, etc get rewarded.

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  1. coffeeling said:

    would rather be both. a great specialist can be only great if s/he is a generalist at the same time, or a specialist in two or more areas. so that s/he can 觸類旁通, develop a new style, open up a new road….
    for many to follow

    Gaudi, giorgio armani, Zhu Ge Liang…

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